What we're about

I started this company because I wanted to help businesses increase sales and improve search engine optimization by having a quality video that makes their visitors want to purchase their products. That and because I love making videos that will make you win.

This website

This website was designed and coded by Calgary Multimedia. If you find any issues with this website, please let me know. Thank you in advance.

How I got into video production

While suffering from the economic downturn, I was watching a Canadian TV cooking show where the chef/host spoke to his audience as if he were speaking to a child. He had recently become a father for the 2nd time and was used to speaking this way. It drove me crazy and one day I said, “I can do better than that.” And I started making YouTube videos.

My First YouTube Channel

My first YouTube channel is called, So Your Place Came With a Kitchen.

Kitchen Tutorial Videos

My target audience was those who just left home and while in their new place they realize they don’t know how to cook or navigate a kitchen. I've made 7 kitchen tutorial videos. My videos teach some basic kitchen skills and cooking. My most popular video is on how to make homemade mayonnaise. These videos were my introduction to video production. Please feel free to visit my YouTube channel and subscribe to my channel.

Situation Comedy

I like to put humor into my videos so most of my Youtube videos have some sort of joke in them. Soon I realized I liked the jokes more than teaching cooking skills. After discovering how to duplicate myself in the post production room, I created a science-fiction horror situation comedy series set in a reality TV show format called The Kitchen Clone Mysteries. There are 5 episodes posted so far. This was fun to make and I went over-the-top with effects and transitions. Adding a laugh track in the 2nd episode made the series much funnier.

Music Production

I write my own music, record it, and play all of the instruments. Usually I write a song, record it, and then make a music video for it. Click here to see my music videos
We can discuss having me compose music for your video project.

Love Wildlife

I love animals so you’ll find wildlife videos all recorded by me.

Skiing Videos

I love alpine skiing so I make skiing videos. I decided to make a separate channel for skiing videos exclusively. It's called Coldrick Skis.

I Love to Help

I’ve been involved in Geomatics technical support and training for the majority of my career. I enjoy helping people. Video production and marketing is now my passion. I want to help you grow your business.