Video Business Card Information

What is a video business card?

  • A video business card (VBC) is a short-form video typically 90 seconds to 3 minutes long that describes you, your business, and your awesome products.
  • They explain your brand and your business’ story. People love stories.
  • These videos explain why a customer should buy from you instead of your competition.
  • They explain why you are great and why you are the expert.
  • They build trust and rapport with your customer before you’ve even met them. And trust leads to $ale$.
  • Having a video business card on your website is like having a sales rep working for you 24/7. And they say the perfect pitch every time!
  • They drive traffic to your web site and improve conversions.
  • These videos are typically placed on your website's home page but they can also be placed on your social media sites, too.

Your video should tell a story

  • Define the objective. What do you want your customers to feel, think, and do after learning your story?
  • Look for a relevant success, failure, or moment of clarity. What happened that went right or wrong? Humans learn more from failures than successes.
  • Make sure your intended audience will identify with the hero, obstacle, and struggle.
  • Use humor in your story because making us laugh will make us listen better.
  • Make your customer the hero by them using your products to solve their problem.
  • Put the audience at the centre of your message. (Don’t focus on your company and its products; focus on how your company and your products will help your customer).
  • Give the customer something they don’t know and leave them wanting more (cliff-hanger).
  • Content should educate, inspire, and entertain.

Gestures: always use them when

  • indicating numbers (hold up 3 fingers when indicating 3),
  • sizing: a small or large amount,
  • being personal: touch your heart when it means something to you.